UN CSW68 parallel event held on 20th of March 2024 by WWF-ICNW entitled “Building Leadership of Young Women in Cooperatives in combating inequalities, enhancing productivity towards 2030 Global agenda: Working Women’s Forum –Indian Cooperative Network for Women”. March 20th, 2024
UN Commission on Status of Women, (New York) where Dr.Nandini Azad asked to render the keynote address on 15th March 2024 Friday at 17:30-19:30 (Indian Standard Time) on the panel “Thriving Together: Empowering Women Cooperatives”. On the subject of the “Importance of Cooperatives for Rural Women in India and Experience Sharing of Indian Cooperative Network for Women (ICNW) March 15th, 2024
Times of India interview 'Turning indigenous women into social entrepreneurs key to rural development' clips from Ranchi weekend February 26th, 2024
The United Nations 62nd session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD62) held on 08th February 2024, 8.15p.m. to 9.30pm. IST); The CSocD62 will take place from 5th to 14th February 2024 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The WWF-ICNW virtual side event will be held from Chennai H.Q, giving prestige to Chennai & India. This is historic event for the Status of Women in Cooperatives globally. February 8th, 2024
Dr. Nandini Azad, President WWF-ICNW attending the Workshop on International Grains Council IGC (England)/ Institute for the Development of Agricultural Cooperation in Asia IDACA (Japan) Survey to Collect Grains Market Information on Rice in Asia, Oceania and Africa held on 19 December 2023 (at the Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand). December 19th, 2023
Meeting with Mr. Simon Stiell, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, (UNFCCC) with Dr. Nandini Azad on 5th December, 2023 at COP 28, Dubai. December 5th, 2023
A Celebration of Re-election of President Working Women’s Forum – Indian Cooperative Network for Women Dr.Nandini Azad's to the International Raiffeisen Union, Germany (the oldest cooperative union in the world,Germany 2023 October 6th). November 23, 2023
Dr. Nandini Azad, President, Indian Cooperative Network for Women – Working Women’s Forum (India) attended the CFS 51 Session of the Committee of World Food Security (CFS) held at the FAO headquarters in Rome 23rd to 27th October, 2023. October 27, 2023
In breaking history as the only woman ever elected globally, Dr. Nandini Azad was re-elected to the IRU board on October 6 in Bonn, Germany. being proud of India. October 6, 2023
The ICA-AP Committee on Women will celebrate its 25th birthday on September 19, 2023.Dr. NANDINI AZAD, President of the Indian Cooperative Network for Women and Chairperson of the Women's Committee for the International Cooperative Alliance Asia-Pacific (ICA-AP), delivered an empowering speech on women's roles in cooperatives. September 19, 2023
During the Global Symposium on Farmers' Rights, which will take place in New Delhi, India, September 12–15, 2023, Nandini Azad will highlight the need for better ties between women's organizations and agriculture. September 12 – 15, 2023
Hindu Published the article of Excellence Awards for “Best Poor Women Entrepreneurs” in (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh States)A special invitor Netherland Ambassador has delegated the awards July 04,2023
South Africa's Agri Minister lauds ICNW's Nandini Azad for empowering women farmers (Agriculturepost.com) May 21-24, 2023
South Africa’s Minister lauds ICNW’s Azad for empowering women (Indiancooperative.com) May 21-24, 2023
Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(Agriculture post article) March 21, 2023
Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(WFO website article) March 21, 2023
Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(IRU Board Twitter page) March 21, 2023
Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(Chennai Glitz - the Hindu award) March 21, 2023
Dr. Nandini Azad wins ‘The Hindu - World of Women 2023 Award’ in Agriculture and Rural Development(Dinathodar Tamil News paper published today) March 21, 2023
Women farmers feel incredibly biased in all systems, says World Farmers' Organisation (Agricultuepost.com) March 18, 2023
'Cooperatives can help in transforming the lives of poor and vulnerable women' March 17, 2023
Not just the house; Raise the country..! (Dinamani News Article) February 12, 2023
‘Role of women crucial to combating inequalities to ensure country’s growth’ (The Hindu) February 10, 2023
ICNW celebrates Jaya’s B’Day on 61st session of UN Commission Virtual event to have speakers from across the globe (Indiancooperative.com) Curtain raiser. February 8, 2023
UNFCCC COP 27 Egypt: Nandini shares Indian experiences (Indiancooperative.com) November 18, 2022
Need for gender-based financing to fight climate change stressed (The Hindu) November 17, 2022
ICNW President presents at COP 27, (The New Indian Express) November 16, 2022
IRU: Nandini on how women entrepreneurs are created thru’ co-ops;Nandini gives live examples of successful women entrepreneurs (Indiancooperative.com) October 11, 2022
ICNW brings poor women on high table of IRU; leading dailies applaud; IRU extends thanks to ICNW and WWF for the event (Indiancooperative.com)September 20, 2022
WWF-ICNW: Helping women climb ladders of courage WWF-ICNW has announced The International Network for Women in Cooperatives,with 1,000 members convened to advocate awareness of gender in cooperatives (The New Indian Express)(The Hindu)September 13, 2022
‘Loan repayment by women members of cooperative at 90%’ (The Hindu)September 8, 2022
Working Women’s Forum highlights to ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) HLS (High Level Segment) Session 2022 on resilience of cooperatives during pandemic, The Hindu” July 21, 2022
Lauding MSCS amendment bill, Nandini seeks board seats for women, Indiancooperative.com” July 19, 2022
A latest tweet on Dr. Nandini Azad by World Farmers Organization at General Assembly 2022 held in Budapest ” June 7 – 10, 2022
Dr. Nandini invited to CARICOM Expo; stresses on skilling women workforce, Indiancooperative.com” May 21, 2022.
Dr. Nandini Azad United Nations Commission On The Status Of Women 66th Edition (Uncsw66) Parallel Event (Virtual)” March 21,2022.
Dr. Nandini Azad The UNCSocD60 – Virtual Side event,Title:“Women cooperative warriors combat COVID19 with sustainable gender and equity strategies: Iconic case of Working Women’s Forum (India) and the Indian Cooperative Network for Women” (Chennai, H.Q.)February 11,2022.
1. Nandini announces International Network for Women of 1,000 members, Indiancooperative.com March 27, 2022.
1. International Network for Women in Cooperatives to be formed, The Hindu March 22, 2022.
1. Cooperating in adversity, The New Indian Express March 9, 2022.
1. DD Conclave: Nandini calls for gender budgeting DD debate on budget FM as one of the participants, Indiancooperative.com March 6, 2022.
1. Nandini to participate in DD debate on budget, Indiancooperative.com February 28, 2022.
1. A continuum in a co-operative, The New Indian Express February 24, 2022.
1. Nandini pays tributes to Jaya Arunachalam at UN event, Indiancooperative.com February 15, 2022.
1. More women lost jobs in the pandemic in India, compared to men, says expert, The Hindu February 12, 2022.
1. Nandini to address UN event on co-ops, Indiancooperative.com February 11, 2022.
1. Niti Aayog: Nandini stresses on social & financial strategies to fight virus, Indiancooperative.com January 12, 2022.
1. IRU expressed solidarity with flood-affected women of South India, Nandini thanks IRU President. December 12, 2021.
1. Nandini speaks in UN Assembly; says poverty behind women trafficking. December 2, 2021.
1. World Farmers Organization appoints Nandini as Global Facilitator - November 11, 2021.
1. Dr.Azad new facilitator Cooperative Working Group at World Farmers Organization.November 10, 2021.
1. Farmer’s solutions to climate crisis: Asian stories from the field. October 11, 2021.
1. Nandini addresses WTO’s seminar, bats for women farmers. WTO’s assistance in capacity building useful for India: Dr Azad October 5, 2021.
1. National Webinar on a Roadmap for establishing Gender focal point centre in NCCT. September 13, 2021.
1. Co-op Day: India painted in co-op colour; leaders acknowledge its role NCUI, NCCT, celebrate the day July 5, 2021.
1. National Webinar on Inclusive and Sustainable Post Pandemic Recovery of Agricultural Cooperative in India by NCCT. July 3, 2021.
1. Nandini does India proud; get invited to WFO Gen Assembly. ICNW to launch media campaign for women farmer advocates. July 1, 2021.
1. Niti Aayog meet: Nandini led ICNW figures in list of Niti Aayog, April 30, 2021.
1. WWF-ICNW in limelight: Nandini does India proud by grabbing UN attentionMarch 26, 2021.
2. UNCSW65 Virtual Parallel Event . The Hindu (News Paper Article) March 25, 2021.
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5. Strengthening Co-ops: Nandini in IRU Board meeting March 8, 2021.
6. WWF honours 9 women entrepreneurs from Southern India
7. Covid Heroine Awards The Hindu (News Paper Article) February 9, 2021.
8. Covid Heroine Awards. The New Indian Express (News Paper Article) February 10, 2021.
9. ToT program on Digital Financial Inclusion of Women Cooperators September 16-18 2020.
10. Nandini meets Governor & briefs her on robust co-op movement in South January 6, 2020.
11.  Remembering Jaya: Telangana Governor gives away Excellence Awards 88th Birth Anniversary of legendary co-operator observed February 19, 2020.
12.  Economic empowerment of women will boost growth. The Hindu (News Paper Article) February 9, 2020.
13. Co-ops can help reduce socio-economic injustices faced by women! March 11, 2020.
14. Leaders pay tributes to women co-operators on their Day! India is home to formidable woman co-operators March 9, 2020.
15. Women's economic empowerment a long-term solution to combating gender violence. The Hindu (News Paper Article) March 13, 2020.
16. Nandini calls UN report on gender equality disappointing Nandini gets Life Time Achievement Award; has a film made on her March 21, 2020.
17. Nandini at WHO & Niti Aayog meets; calls women frontline warriors - May 21, 2020.
18. Tributes paid to renowned Social Worker. The Hindu (News Paper Article) July 30, 2019.
19. International Cooperative Alliance-Asia Pacific Women Committee-- Nandini wins election with massive mandate December 8, 2018.
20. International Cooperative Alliance-Asia Pacific (ICA-AP) to elect head of Women Committee - Nandini in fray. December 7, 2018
21.  WWF-ICNW celebrates 40th Anniversaries. April 5, 2018.
22.  The 40th anniversary of Working Women's Forum began - Dhina Thanthi (News Paper Article) April 3, 2018.
23. UN: Nandini in Town Hall meeting in New York. April 26, 2019.
24. Nandini brings laurels to desi co-op movement. October 3, 2018.
25. Nandini Azad elected to IRU board. The Hindu (News Paper Article) September 29, 2018.
26. Nandini Azad elected to board of IRU - The Hindu (News Paper Article) October 13, 2018.
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29. Tamil Article from Magalirmani "1st women to be elected to the International Raiffeisen Union in 50 years". October 31, 2018.
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34. Dinamalar - IRU meets in Germany. September 30, 2018.
35. Nandini elected V President of Asia's oldest Cultural Sabha.November 6, 2019.
36. WWF follows Gandhi's idea of women empowerment-Azad. October 3, 2019.
37. 40k Co-ops are run by women in India -Chandra Pal, August 21, 2019.
38. Defending the commons - India: discovering the extraordinary strength of women's solidarity. By Ms. Daniela Biocca & Mr.Stefano Battain, Independent Researchers, Italy.
39. International firm to help local SHGs. The Indian Express (News Paper Article) July 22, 2011.
40. New initiative to combat indoor air pollution. The Hindu (News Paper Article) July 21, 2011.
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