a. 'Decade of the Forum'
b. 'Reaching out to poor women through Grassroot initiatives: An Indian Experiment' - 1992.
c. 'Dynamic Agents of population control and change process: An Indian Experiment' - 1992
d. 'Indian Co-operative Network for Women - An Innovative Approach to Micro - Credit' - 1995
e. 'National Union of Working Women - Breaking the Legacy of Invisibility' - 1995
f. 'Social platform through social innovations - A coalition with women in the informal sector - WWF(I)' - 2000.
g. Pamphlets:
i) WWF(I),
ii) ICNW - (1981 to 2004)
h. "Structuring a movement and spreading it on" History and growth of the Working Women's Forum (India) 1978-2003 Jaya Arunachalam / Brunhild Landwehr (eds.) IKO-Verlag für Interkulturelle Kommunikation Frankfurt am Main. London, 2003 ISBN 3-88939-658-3
i. Women's Equality - A Struggle for Survival by Jaya Arunachalam Articles, Paper, Speeches of Jaya Arunachalam presented at various conferences GYAN BOOKS P. LTD 5 Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110 002 Phone 23282060, E mail; gyanbook@vsnl.com
j. Mr. Bill Clinton on the Forum in his Latest Book “GIVING” published in 2007 - Former President of
USA Mr. Bill Clinton reference in his book “GIVING” published in September 2007 aptly testifies the services of the Founder, President WWF ‘Jaya Arunachalam’ who has empowered 800,000 women over the last 29 years through microcredit, political involvement, access to education and healthcare for their children.