To identify and address the critical needs of poor working women in the informal economy like credit, social security, training for leadership, skill, healthcare and childcare and help replicate the experiment in other areas.


To provide a social platform to women engaged in social economy by organising them on trade lines and furthering the movement of micro finance.


To develop an extensive cadre of women workers at the grassroot level to fight poverty in urban, semi-urban and rural areas.


To bring in structural changes through the creation of innovative organisational structures to enable poor women to directly participate at all levels and be direct beneficiaries.


To provide opportunities to marginalized women to participate in a social movement to help them address their struggles against class, caste and gender discrimination in the community and at workplace.


To strengthen and develop the three innovative institutional structures nurtured to support the quality of the micro finance movement:

Working Women's Forum (India) which provides an organised platform, access to credit, education, healthcare, training/orientation towards promoting social and financial independence to fight poverty and gender discrimination, matching the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN (especially 2,5,7,14,etc.,).


Indian Co-operative Network for Women promoted by WWF enhances the social and financial independence of poor women by providing low-interest loan to encourage their entrepreneurship and foster micro finance. Today ICNW has provided over 440 crores in petty loans.


National Union of Working Women, WWF's registered trade union wing supports poor women in their struggles to fight for labour justice, working conditions, land and housing rights of poor working women and their families. Equally, the Union's concern is to fight other human rights violations like female foeticides, female infanticides, child prostitution and child and bonded labour that affect the poor on a daily basis.