The organisational structure is innovative and is based on the group dynamics model. The aim of WWF is to integrate its target group of marginalised and vulnerable women at all levels in its institutional framework, using them as an effective delivery mechanism to reach other poor women extensively. At the apex level of the structure are the members of the Forum - in contrast to the traditional models which have the President at the top. Membership at WWF is based on the group principle. Generally 5-10 members, irrespective of their occupation, form a group and elect a group leader. The group leader is responsible for the repayment of loan by the group and as an incentive is given a higher amount of loan than the rest of the group. Each member vouches for the other members and is a "surety/guarantor" for each other. Next in the hierarchy are the Area leaders and the Organisers. They are the link between WWF and the members. A unique feature of the organisational structure is that it paves the way for members to move up the hierarchical ladder and reach the position of a Vice President. There is also facilitation of free flow of information from the President to the members and vice versa.