Members of WWF took out a rally in the city on Monday 05.09.2005 under the leadership of Dr Jaya Arunachalam to protest on the delay prevailing over the passing of the much-publicized Women's Reservation Bill, which seek to allocate 33 1/3 % of seats in Parliament and State Assemblies for women.

The main objective of the procession was to press to implement the Bill atleast in this monsoon session.

Around 8000 members 2750 i.e. from South Madras 3750 from North Madras and 1500 from Central Madras started gathering themselves from 8 am onwards with full of energy and vigour at Rajaji Hall near Periyar Statue in Wallahjah road. By 10.30 am they commenced their procession which was undertaken in a peaceful manner. Throughout the procession the members expressed their concern through slogans such as
Don't look in to Caste
Don't split women
Execute Execute
Women's Reservation Bill without delay
We need women We need women
In parliament we need women
Give Due Respect Give Due Respect
To Women's Movement Give Due Respect

Around 11.15 a.m. the procession reached State Guest House where the President of the forum thanked the members for their gesture and support. Later 10 members met the Governor and presented the petition signed by one lakh women requesting to forward to the President and Prime Minister of India. While submitting the petition, to His Excellency Shri. Surjit Singh Barnalaji, the Governor asked Dr. Jaya Arunachalam what message she would like to send to the President and the Prime Minister. Prompt came Dr. Jaya Arunachalam's reply that the internal reservation is just a ploy to divide women on the basis of caste and religion and such internal divisions will defeat the very purpose of the bill. Transcending barriers of caste, religion and races women have come together on a single platform to prove their sincerity. Such conviction and togetherness to fight for their rights and entitlements they have acquired long ago, as soon as the 73rd and 74th amendment to the Constitution of India was passed 10 years ago.