One such sister network of Working women's Forum is detailed below

The Independent Commission for People's Rights and Development (ICPRD), a national advocacy coalition was formed in 1996 to protect the rights and development of the vulnerable constituencies particularly women, indigenous people, workers, farmers and youth. It is a broad coalition of development practitioners, advocates, academia, cooperatives, policy makers, international and national opinion makers, and the media. ICPRD's main activities include policy advocacy, mobilization at the grassroots, capacity building, attitudinal research, training technologies, building alliances and networking.

The ICPRD translates the multiple voices of the poor, the anguish, anxieties and aspirations of socio-cultural regions of India into concerns; and presents this information to those who can influence the processes of policy-formulation. By attempting to stimulate empathy for the women, men and children living in such extreme conditions, ICPRD works towards bettering the lives of the poor through social, economic and political change.

Over two decades, ICPRD has engaged approximately 1,000 voluntary agencies, CBOs and civil society agencies participating in 21 states and 158 districts in India. Undertaken such activities as transforming indigenous and poor women into social entrepreneurs through group building, micro credit programs, citizen's interface with Parliamentarians on good governance, combating trafficking of women and children etc. ICPRD developed a pioneering model in Karnataka and Rajasthan wherein male youths have been mobilized to combat gender based violence.

ICPRD's focus has been on gender and pro-poor issues, particularly empowerment of women, both economic and social; resocializing male youth to combat gender based violence, financial inclusion through co-operatives for informal sector workers, revolving credit funds and multifaceted credit plus strategies, combating agricultural distress caused through droughts, pro-poor advocacy in states of India where the poorest live.

ICPRD is involved in international, regional, national advocacy through research and training on gender in co-operatives. Training and capacity building of cooperative leaders, gender sensitization of cooperatives in the region and elsewhere, developing gender manuals, case studies and best practices are a forte. Training on gender disaggregated data collection is also now being undertaken in the Asia-Pacific Region.